I'm interested in examing the expectations that are put on us by society and our families when we are making the selections for our life choices and careers. I'm specifically attracted to evaluating the effects of succumbing to these expectations and in following the way that we tend to cope through escapism. Personally, I feel trapped, powerless, and strangled; I continually worry about my future and the direction that both the directive and addressed components of our society are moving towards.

My work examines these deep-seated fears. Using animals as a metaphor for how human interact in today's society, which is a culturally consonant trope as it is a staple of Chinese folklore, my sculptures show how our own compulsive behaviors align with those of animals. In the West, there is a visual precedent for this in the work of comics and cartoons, which helps make my critique more universally accessible. I worry, that like animals, we are no longer are in control of our own destiny.